Probiotics in Tea?

This caught my eye and took me by surprise – Probiotics in tea?  Sounds far-fetched, right?  Here’s what I saw in the supermarket recently, Bigelow Tea with Probiotics: So the probiotic bacteria added is Bacillus coagulans – which,as it turns out, is a strain used in a LOT of probiotics, including gummy ones for kids.  The spores are able … More Probiotics in Tea?

What’s in Jar #1? Lacto-fermentation Fail

The only DIY cultured food I’ve made is homemade yogurt, with VERY inconsistent results — I think the first time came out the best and then it kept coming out really runny!   I’ve been curious about pickling food with traditional lacto-fermentation, so for my first attempt I’ve tried cramming some cauliflower stems and red peppers … More What’s in Jar #1? Lacto-fermentation Fail

Happiness is…Dirt

So there’s really something to it – that natural high you get from being outdoors could be more than just sunshine and fresh air– it could also in part be thanks to airborne chemicals made by soil microbes.   A recent study in mice increased serotonin and reduced “behavioral despair” (that’s the worst! ;)) when mice were treated with common … More Happiness is…Dirt

iGEM & Synthetic biology startups

What is iGEM?  About iGEM An annual international competition at MIT for designing and creating “Genetically Engineered Machines” – engineering bacteria such as E. coli to create a product or perform a new function.  Undergrads form teams and compete at a Giant Jamboree – see iGEM 2016 to register a team.  The contest has been running since 2004 … More iGEM & Synthetic biology startups

Cultured Coffee?

  Sophisticated conversation on art and literature, over a steaming cup of Joe?  Yes, that might be “cultured” – but did you know that some coffee blends actually rely on bacterial chemistry to give an exquisite flavor?   Bacteria produce all kinds of chemicals as they grow, and many of these create flavors that taste good to us. … More Cultured Coffee?